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MSN Messenger Troubleshooting

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I've successfully downloaded Smiley Central, but I only see code when I try to add smileys to my MSN Messenger. Why?

You likely have not rebooted your computer since downloading Smiley Central. While the Smiley Central button will appear on your MSN Messenger after download, you will be unable to add smiley icons to your IMs until after you have restarted your computer.

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My friend is seeing code (for example: @[smiley: Hi Ya : [15/15_1_70]]) when I try to send him/her a smiley in my MSN Messenger. What can my friend do to see the icon, instead?
If your friend does not yet have Smiley Central, he/she will see smiley code rather than the icon. Your friend will need to download and install Smiley Central in order to see the icon. To facilitate this, we occasionally include a brief message and a link to the Smiley Central download page when your friend receives a message from you in which you have attempted to insert a smiley.

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Is Smiley Central compatible with all versions of MSN Messenger?
Smiley Central is compatible with MSN Messenger 6.1, MSN Messenger 6.2, and Windows Messenger. It is not compatible with MSN Messenger for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC/Smartphone. It also does not work with enhancement software like Extreme Messenger.

Here's what to look for within an MSN Messenger window: Click here to see a picture

Using a non-compatible MSN Messenger version?
Download MSN Messenger
 (Your IM list will carry over automatically!)

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Can I enable/disable Smiley Central within my MSN Messenger?
Yes - simply open an Internet Explorer browser and:

1) Find the "My Web Search" button on your toolbar and click the down-arrow
2) Select "Enable/Disable Features"
3) Check the box next to "MSN Messenger" (and/or "Windows Messenger") to enable, uncheck the box to disable
4) Click "Save Changes"

Be sure to close your MSN Messenger, then re-open for your changes to take effect.

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Why do my friends need to download Smiley Central in order to see smileys in AIM, MSN Messenger or Yahoo Messenger?
We would prefer that your friends be able to see your smileys on their IM client without having to download Smiley Central.  (This is the way the Smiley Central Email product works, and we think it is the optimal solution.)  However, given the closed environment of IM services and the way in which data is interpreted between IM clients, some limitations do exist.

Unfortunately, that means that your friends must have the Smiley Central software in order to see your smileys.  To facilitate this, we periodically include a link to the Smiley Central download page when you send messages containing smileys to people who have not yet downloaded Smiley Central.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause your friends. We strongly believe, however, that they will be pleased with the product once they've downloaded and begun using it. Not only will they be able to see your smileys, but they will have over 10,000 smileys to send their friends, as well!

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Can I type IM abbreviations into my messenger window and get smileys to appear?
Yes! This feature is called "IM Short Cuts" and it allows you to instantly add any of our Messenger Smileys found in the Smiley Central "Communicate" category without opening the Smiley Central window.

Just open a new IM window and in the text box type "//" (without the quotes) followed by the IM abbreviation.

For example, typing "//LOL" would automatically insert in your IM. Try it!

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Can I copy and paste a smiley into another document, like Word or PowerPoint?
Yes - you can paste a smiley into nearly any document that accepts images. To do so, right-click on the desired smiley and highlight the "Copy" option. Then use the Paste command (Ctrl-V) to place the smiley in your document.

Please note: The copy-and-paste feature is not compatible with Custom smileys, and smileys cannot be pasted into instant messages. Animated smileys will not animate in word processing documents, and will only animate when a PowerPoint document is being displayed as a slide show.

Having trouble? If you downloaded Smiley Central prior to 3/11/04, click here to upgrade to the latest version. It's FREE!

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I don't see Smiley Central or the toolbar on my browser. What do I do?
If you have downloaded Smiley Central and are not seeing the Smiley Central button or the toolbar on your browser, you are likely experiencing one of two scenarios:

1)  You did not close all your open browsers once you downloaded Smiley Central. Please do this now and then reopen a new browser.

2) You may need to enable the toolbar through your browser's menu. To do this, click on the "View" menu option, then select "Toolbars".  You will see "My Web Search" listed in the dropdown - make sure that there is a check mark next to it.  If there is no check mark, click on it in order to enable your toolbar. (Click here to see a picture)

If the toolbar does have a check mark but is not visible on your browser, clear the check mark by clicking on the name of the toolbar. Then repeat the steps above to re-enable it. The toolbar should now appear.
 (Click here to see a picture)

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