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Webmail Troubleshooting

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I don't see Smiley Central or the toolbar on my browser. What do I do?
If you have downloaded Smiley Central and are not seeing the Smiley Central button or the toolbar on your browser, you are likely experiencing one of two scenarios:

1)  You did not close all your open browsers once you downloaded Smiley Central. Please do this now and then reopen a new browser.

2) You may need to enable the toolbar through your browser's menu. To do this, click on the "View" menu option, then select "Toolbars".  You will see "My Web Search" listed in the dropdown - make sure that there is a check mark next to it.  If there is no check mark, click on it in order to enable your toolbar. (Click here to see a picture)

If the toolbar does have a check mark but is not visible on your browser, clear the check mark by clicking on the name of the toolbar. Then repeat the steps above to re-enable it. The toolbar should now appear.  (Click here to see a picture)

3) If the "My Web Search" toolbar is not listed under the "View/Toolbars" menu option on your browser, you will have to do the following: Click on the "Tools" menu option on your browser window, then selection "Internet Options." Click on the "Advanced" tab, and under the Browser heading, be sure to check the box next to "Enable third-party browser extensions."  (You will need to restart your computer for changes to occur.)

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Will Smiley Central work with my webmail  interface?

Smiley Central is compatible with the rich media/HTML-enabled version of most Web-based email interfaces. It does not, however, work with the "plain" version. (Web-based email interfaces block graphics in their plain version.)

The good news is you can toggle between the plain and rich-media versions of most Web-based email platforms with a click of the mouse. For information on how to set your webmail account to accept graphics, see your email provider's help section or read below:

  • MSN/Hotmail users
    Select "Rich-Text Editor ON" from the Tools pull-down menu on your Compose screen.

    IMPORTANT: It's often hard to tell whether Rich-Text Editor is ON or OFF. You will know that it is ON when the last item in the pull-down menu is "Rich-Text Editor OFF", and when there is an edit bar on the top of your email compose screen that includes icons for cut, paste, copy, bold, italicize and more. (Click here to see a picture)
  • Yahoo users
    Click the "Color and Graphics" link at the top of your Compose screen.
    (Click here to see a picture)
  • users
    Click the "Switch to Power Editor" button on your Write Message screen.
    (Click here to see a picture)
  • Excite/iWon/My Way users
    Click the "Switch to Power Editor" link on your Compose screen.
    (Click here to see a picture)
  • Lycos users
    Click the "Advanced" link on your Compose screen.
    (Click here to see a picture)  
  • Earthlink users
    Click the "Colors & Graphics" link on your Compose screen.
    (Earthlink Webmail only. Not compatible with desktop version.)
  • Netscape, Eudora & Juno users
    Smiley Central does not currently work with these email platforms.

If your webmail interface is compatible with Smiley Central AND set to accept graphics (rich media version) and you are still getting an error message, be sure that your cursor is in the message body area of your email compose screen before trying to add a smiley. If the cursor is in the "TO" "CC" or any other field, you cannot add a smiley and will receive the error message above.

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When attempting to insert a smiley, I get the message "Sorry, Smiley Central can't add smileys on this page." Why?
Most likely, your webmail interface is not set to accept graphics. You will need to set your account to its "rich media" version by following the steps in the question above ("Will Smiley Central work with my webmail  interface?") for your specific webmail provider.

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Can I enable/disable Smiley Central for/from individual email/IM/browser applications?
Yes - simply open an Internet Explorer browser and:

1) Find the "My Web Search" button on your toolbar and click the down-arrow
2) Select "Enable/Disable Features"
3) Check the box next to any application to enable, uncheck the box to disable
4) Click "Save Changes"

Be sure to close any applications, then re-open for your changes to take effect.

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I am unable to see the smileys that I add to my outgoing messages. What can I do?
You are most likely are using a specified font size (larger than the default font size) within your webmail account. As a result, your Compose Message window is not large enough to view both the larger text and smileys.

To see smileys, click on the "Tools" menu option on your browser, then select "Internet Options." Now click on the "Accessibility" button (bottom-right corner of the window), and be sure to uncheck the box next to "Ignore font sizes specified on Web pages."

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Why does Smiley Central include a promotional ad at the bottom of my outgoing emails?
As you know, Smiley Central is 100% FREE.  This promotional copy allows us to cost-effectively promote our product to a very targeted audience - namely, people who are receiving emails containing our smileys.  In other words, it's a great way for us to get the word out about smileys and continue to offer you thousands of smileys for free.

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How do I remove the Smiley Central promotional ad that appears on my outgoing emails?
This promotional ad is a very cost-effective way for us to spread the word about smileys and to continue offering you thousands of smileys completely free of charge. As such, we hope that you will keep the promotional footer and continue to tell your friends about Smiley Central. We do understand, however, that the promotional footer isn't right for everyone.  If you would like it removed from your outbound emails, please click here and follow the simple instructions.

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Can I copy and paste a smiley into another document, like Word or PowerPoint?
Yes - you can paste a smiley into nearly any document that accepts images. To do so, right-click on the desired smiley and highlight the "Copy" option. Then use the Paste command (Ctrl-V) to place the smiley in your document.

Please note: The copy-and-paste feature is not compatible with Custom smileys, and smileys cannot be pasted into instant messages. Animated smileys will not animate in word processing documents, and will only animate when a PowerPoint document is being displayed as a slide show.

Having trouble? If you downloaded Smiley Central prior to 3/11/04, click here to upgrade to the latest version. It's FREE!

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You offer over 10,000 smileys, but I'm only able to access a few dozen of them. Why is this - and how can I get the smileys I'm missing?

Smiley Central offers over 10,000 smileys, and we're adding more all the time. Smileys are separated into categories (like Emotions, Holidays, Humor and Love) found at the left of the Smiley Central window.

If you are finding that you are only able to access a few of our smileys, please make sure that you are on a Compose page within an email account that is compatible with our product.

Yahoo and Hotmail/MSN Users: Please do not confuse Smiley Central and its 10,000+ Smileys with the few dozen smileys that are located in the edit bar on top of your compose screen. Smiley Central icons are accessed by clicking the Smiley Central button on the toolbar attached to your Web browser. (Click here to see a picture)

If you are still experiencing the problem, please do the following:

  1. Close your Web browser.
  2. Locate the C: drive on your computer. (Found in your desktop's My Computer folder.)
  3. Select the "Program Files" folder, then the "FunWebProducts" folder, and finally the "Shared" folder. You should now see a folder that is named "Cache". Right-click on that folder and delete it.
  4. Open up a new browser window and go to your Webmail account. Now attempt to insert the Smileys again.

If this does not work, please contact us and let us know.

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