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More New Smileys!
Another week, another batch of fun new smileys:


New! New Work/School Smileys!
With a new school year upon us and workers returning from summer vacations to ramp up for a busy fall, we've added new smileys to share with co-workers and students!

New! New 9/11 Emoticons
Based on feedback from our users, we've created a number of new emoticons in remembrance of the tragic events of 9/11/01. You'll find them within our Patriotic category.
New! New Political Smileys
With the 2004 U.S. presidential campaign heating up, we've added a number of new political smileys in the Communicate category. Check them out!


The forecast calls for new Weather smileys!
We'll soon be updating our Weather category with new and improved smileys for all weather conditions!


More Work/School Smileys!
We've already launched our first round of new smileys in this popular category, but we're not stopping there.  Look for more Work and School smileys in the days and weeks ahead! 

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